A Year in India

Home for the Holidays
January 5, 2009, 11:35 pm
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Highlights of my recent trip home to Chicago, in no particular order:

Family: Good conversation, home-cooked food, and quality time together.  It was especially exciting to share my India experiences with my Kannadiga grandparents, who both lived in Bangalore years ago.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner with the family

Movies: See “Milk.” Sean Penn is incredible, as is the story.

New Year’s Eve: Particularly memorable was twirling around to “Young Folks” on our makeshift paper-napkin dance floor.

Chicago's biggest Kanye fans on NYE

Chicago's biggest Kanye fans on NYE

New Year’s Day: CBA + bad movies + my favorite people = happy

Food: I can’t even count how many Italian restaurants I frequented. Deeeelish.

My mom & me at Follia

My mom & me at Follia

Long plane rides: 30+ hours in flight (paired with terrible movie choices – yes, I watched “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” … twice) gave me ample time to rediscover old songs I love on my iPod.  Fitting for the moment: “Another Traveling Song,” by Bright Eyes.

… And now, back in Bangalore, I’m surrounded by that inexplicable India smell, the amazing warm weather, the reckless driving, the Muslim prayer songs streaming in my apartment window, the cows sauntering down the middle of the street.  What drew me back in the most, though, was the customs official who greeted me at the airport.  In typical India-style, he scolded me for having an old visa stapled into my passport: “You might be fined for this staple,” he grumbled, and then motioned for me to continue on past him.  Though it was harder than expected to leave Chicago, it’s good to be back.


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Great comments about break… I particularly enjoyed and full heartedly agree with “New Year’s Day: CBA + bad movies + my favorite people = happy.”

Comment by Em

Wait, I have a new favorite line! I just saw the picture caption about us being the biggest Kanye fans! Love it.

Comment by Em

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