A Year in India

Why I Miss India
December 21, 2008, 7:29 am
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After arriving in Chicago for the holidays, I got the following email from my coworker, Chandan.  A perfect reflection of my Bengaluru experience thus far:

“Hey Meer,

It’s been hard reminding and stopping myself from calling you today. I don’t know what would I be after June 09. 

Anyway today I began the Samvada work with a workshop and believe me IT WAS AMAZING AND THE BEST EVER!!!!

Seriously……… this group is actually a bunch of college girls of a corporation composite college. basically studying their 11th & 12th grades. A corporation college is maintained by the city corporation and not the regular Govt education department, but practically perhaps there’s not much difference. 

Anyway coming to the meat of my story, the girls were super vibrant and everyone of them was jumping up on her seat to be heard! A rare sight, isn’t it? They were just jumping… and then whenever I picked up someone to talk, there would be zero hesitation…absolutely. And I ran them through these statements on agree-disagree and they just loved expressing, arguing and even fighting! It was an amazing experience. And it was another day that I think I was hilarious. They were just laughing their stomach out for me and my little giggle-provokers. They loved me. I loved them. It was super atmosphere.

And the Samvada educator also liked the way it all went. And then I took your camera and began shooting. And my God! What a camera that is! The shots are so stable even without a tripod! Really.. am not kidding. Somehow the very weight of it is an advantage, since it doesn’t move that easily around. I got some great footage.. super close-ups and lovely discussions… Will show you when you are back. 

And then awwwwwwww I am missing you. Come back soon. And get ready to stay for another year.. … 😀 But seriously, I am missing you a lot. Hope you had a safe trip. Enjoy your holidays. I will keep you updated about every day. Am planning with my cousins to go around the country for a week or so.

Let me know what’s going on there. Say hi to uncle and aunty and to Priya too. 



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