A Year in India

December 10, 2008, 8:46 pm
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When my parents visited last month, they brought me my beloved video camera, which I broke out today with youth at a Bal Mela, a school festival celebrating the Digital Equalizer technology program.  Fun fun fun to be back behind the camera, especially with so many curious kids at my side.

On another note, as we drove home from Bal Mela, I had a real loving-India moment.  I was packed into a car with four coworkers who were all joking around in Kannada (Karnataka’s local language).  Despite the language barrier, something about their laughter was casual, genuine, and incredibly comforting.  In the midst of it all, a Kannada film song came on, and without a second’s hesitation, as if on cue, all four of them started singing along, at once connected and in their own worlds.  As I looked out the window at rural Bangalore passing me by, I realized that I’m really going to miss India during my upcoming trip back to Chicago for the holidays.


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awww… this is such a wonderful post! heart-warming. I wish we could relive that moment. I felt the same when we were all singing along…

Comment by Chandan

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