A Year in India

December 9, 2008, 8:22 pm
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My coworker and close friend, Chandan, had a unique perspective on the Mumbai attacks.  Most have been looking at the situation and placing blame on Indian politicians, “the system,” and the Indian government’s culture of corruption.  These forces, to them, are behind India’s poor security and intelligence; these forces explain the haphazard fashion in which the media is portraying the incident; these forces fuel government officials to react to the attacks in unsettling ways.

Chandan took a more ground-level approach and laid some blame on Indian citizens themselves.  He gave me one simple, concrete example.  Why, he asked, does he encourage police force corruption by paying off traffic cops (a common practice here in India) every time he gets a driving ticket?  If the Indian people are disheartened by their government’s corruption, shouldn’t they do whatever they can – even in small ways – to curb it?  Since the attacks, Chandan has decided to stop bribing policemen and instead pay his traffic tickets legally.  Individual responsibility at its best.


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Suits me well, since I keep getting traffic rule violation tickets! All kidding apart, nice post. Thanks for noticing my view – least anticipated, I should say!

Comment by Chandan Nallal

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