A Year in India

Concert, Bengaluru Style
October 18, 2008, 1:32 pm
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Pre-concert sunset

Pre-concert sunset

Last night was one of my best nights in Bangalore yet.  I went with my coworker Chandan and his friends to watch a famous Bollywood film singer, Shankar Mahadevan, perform at the free Times of India music festival.  We arrived at the concert at sunset and staked out a spot in the venue’s overgrown field.  As the band went through its sound-check, I met and mingled with Chandan’s friends.

Shortly after, Mahadevan appeared and sang several high-profile Bollywood songs (including an Indian version of “Pretty Woman,” a few songs from India’s current favorite “Rock On,” and an amazing back-and-forth voice/drum imitation between him and his percussionists).  The crowd surrounding me sang along the entire time, yelling, whistling, and dancing all over the place.  There was a sense of energy, star idolatry, and community (the audience ranged from age five to sixty-ish).

The crowd

The fans

As the concert came to a close, rain began pouring down.  It was magical.  Drenched, we all jumped the barrier separating us from the VIP section, something Mahadevan had been requesting security to allow since the very beginning of the show.  The music took an odd turn from Bollywood to techno, and we rushed towards the stage, climbed onto plastic chairs, threw our arms to the sky, danced like crazy, and chanted through our laughter “where’s the party tonight?” and – yes – “Hindustani! Hindustani!” along with the music.  It was a funny, random, memorable night.


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Hey Meera, looks like you are having lots and lots of fun!

Comment by Suniti

Meera, I just read through all the blogs and you are in the midst of the most wonderful experiences of your life! As research is all I have in mind these days, I am tempted to invite you to be my next research project on this American-Indian-indefinable-third space you occupy!

Comment by Suniti

Sounds SO FUN!! Glad you’re enjoying Bangalore night life! Yahoo!

Comment by Kirsten

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