A Year in India

Harsh Mander
September 15, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Harsh Mander is a human rights activist from the Center for Equity Studies.  He’s also written a book called “Unheard Voices.”

During his orientation session, I was struck by his oratory skills and the organization of his speech.  He began by speaking generally about his view of our generation’s outlook (or rather, lack thereof) on poverty and our world.  Immediately following, he triggered our senses with specific stories and images.

To illustrate, first the big picture:
Years from now, Mander said, our generation’s history will be written in two parts.
1.    We expelled the poor from our minds.  We stopped caring about economic and social disparity.
2.    Post 9/11, we re-legitimized hate as a valid manifestation of anger.  Our mindset became “military,” and we pulled back from valuing democratic freedoms.

And then the story, which, in its way, pushes us to rethink that writing of our own history:
A Hindu Man once asked Gandhi how he could ever forgive the Muslim man who had killed his son.  Gandhi’s answer: “Find a Muslim boy whose parents have been killed by Hindus, adopt him as your own, and bring him up in his own faith, as a Muslim.”


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hi meera,
i’m rafi, a social and community health medicine (public health) Mphil graduate from JNU new delhi. currently i’m in kerala my home town..
well so happy to see your new blog on harsh…no words to define him…simple a great human being..i just tot of sharing some links with you on harsh’s articles and a audio of an interview he had with the Mr jerome of chicago radio where he shares his view on Simi, Gujarat Issue, Hunger, SC office, about Binayak Sen etc..

i don’t know how to attach other materials of harsh’s work here..let me know a mail id so that i can possibly forward that..

hope that this blog will help people of the similar view to know more about the truths, values, and more importance about the humanity. hope to write more here later..
best wishes, luv and prayers

Comment by rafi

Harsh is a first rate humanitarian, with such a social conscience and soul.

I had the fortune to host a fundraiser when he was in San Diego when we were raising funds for the victims of the Gujarat pogrom.
I would love to see him again. We also did a radio program. This time we did it with a latino rights organizer as we interfaced with issues affecting immigrant rights here, and on US/Mexican border and immigrant rights. Harsh talked about issues impacting humanity in India.

Comment by kathy

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