A Year in India

Leaving for India
August 29, 2008, 3:03 pm
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I leave Chicago tomorrow for a 10-month fellowship in India through the American India Foundation (AIF).  I’ll be working in Bangalore, Karnataka with AIF’s Digital Equalizer project.  Partnering with Adobe Youth Voices, my focus will be on media (video) education.  I also hope to work on an independent documentary project while I’m in Bangalore.

I’ll use this blog to document and share my experiences with writing, photos, and videos.

The fellowship begins with a 2-week orientation in Delhi, where I’ll meet the 24 other AIF Service Corps fellows.  Together, we’ll participate in team-building activities, listen to speakers involved in the Indian development field, and visit AIF-supported projects.

My next post will most likely be after orientation, once I’ve arrived in my new home!


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I am excited about the blog Meer!

Comment by Em

Meera, I am happy for you as you embark on your adventure. I hope that it is interesting, productive and enjoyable. We will think of you often, and you will be missed.

Comment by Bill Gela

Welcome to India Meera! I am delighted that you are venturing into this land of complexities! I am confident that next ten months will prove to be challanging, at times frustating but never ever boring! I do hope that it turns out to be informative, educational and perhaps even enlightening experince! India is a paradise in paradox!

Will look forward to your comments! And will see you soon in Bangalore!

Comment by anitapd

all the best in this new adventure!
I look forward to reading all about it!

Comment by Pablo

We are there with you in spirit, Meer! Wish I was coming too. We look forward to getting a little taste of being there from your blog.

Comment by Prabha

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. The best of luck to you! See you in ten months over a cup of tea and many stories!

Comment by Lauren

Love and best wishes as you start your new adventure. Wish you were with us in Telluride for the Film Festival. Can’t wait to see you in November.

Comment by Anita S.

I’m so excited Meera. I’m sure you will have a terrific time. All the very best!

Comment by Chandan

Can’t wait to read this — and it’s probably more efficient for you then getting emails ever 48 hours from all of us.

I can’t help but note that it’s not on Tumblr, which saddens me a little — but it’s okay, baby steps 🙂

Comment by Tyler Willis

Saw your title – “A Year in India” – and it sort of hit me … Best of luck with it all. Can’t wait to hear your updates/stories/anecdotes (and to pay you a visit when the time comes!).

Comment by Pria

Hi Meer! Just checking in to see how you are doing with these first few days of this fabulous adventure, will check back soon for your posting! Take care and if you are stuck for kannada words let us know. Love, Suni

Comment by Sunita

I miss you SO much already! I hope that you are loving it 🙂

Comment by Natalie

Dear Meera,
Welcome to Bangalore!We at ILO-IPEC Bangalore do several similar things for the cause of child and adolescent workers.You may be interested to know and see them.All the Best !

Comment by Sanjiv Kumar(Sanju )

Listening to Cat and thinking of you 🙂

Comment by Natalie

Meera, Good luck on an exciting year ahead. looking forward to reading about your work in India

Comment by lakshman,Geeta and vik

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